You’re Not Really An Engaged Employee Until You’ve Got A Company Tattoo?


Wow. This blog post talks of a company where staff are actually getting their bodies inked to show to the world that they belong with, and have loyalty to, their company. Previously the domain of organised crime and motorcycle gangs, this is an interesting development. Perhaps in the future we’ll all have barcodes on our foreheads and microchips in our wrists? (Personally I’m OK with a GPS in my body. Even I’m not entirely sure where I am much of the time.)

The blog is a little bit tongue in cheek and presumably the tongue is pierced. The company in question is also offering a range of employee-friendly benefits including health, so if the tatts ever get infected, that base is covered.

I haven’t read the full article yet. Whether it’s engagement and loyalty or something completely opposite I suppose depends on where on their body the tattoo gets put?

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