Toxic Workplaces


No-one wants to be the person who leads or creates a toxic workplace. And I don’t mean ‘toxic’ in that fun, superpower or zombie-creating sense of the word. As long as I could get my story optioned into a screenplay as a result of my leadership doing that, I could live with it. (Obviously, as a zombie, I wouldn’t have any choice but to live with it.)

No, I mean ‘toxic’ in the emotional sense. Good, skilled, motivated people enter your workplace, get infected and drop down to local inferior levels of performance. No-one wants to be the person who leads or creates that. Yet many people do unintentionally. And that doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long, slow and clearly obvious process in retrospect. It’d be helpful if people leading workplaces could have a little list of early-onset symptoms to give themselves a toxicity physical before it becomes irreversible.

I haven’t got one myself yet but Tanveer Naseer has blogged about his toxic workplace checklist. Well worth a read.

I’m off with the kids for a few days to a cabin in the woods for a summer holiday getaway. Hopefully not in a Cabin In The Woods kind of way, although with teenagers, who knows?

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