winter fun

New Zealand has a stretch between the first Monday of June and the fourth Monday in October when there are no public holidays. I’m not sure if there is any associated boost or drop in productivity during this period. Someone must know. They should do a graph. Maybe the department of statistics. I’ve always had a soft spot for statistics. It was the last remaining fraction of maths that I ever understood, and I have a pretty good batting average of pronouncing it without having to resort to “stats”.

I can’t speak for the nation but these are my peak times in my industries. But, winter is coming and it comes between those dates. It’s dark, cold and travel gets disrupted. Morale gets tested.

I love what I do, the results I get and the variety and ‘interestingness’ of the people I meet. Fun is often simply inherent in what I do. I’m well aware it is not in many workplaces. Engagement research and best-workplace-type criteria indicate the right amount of the right type of fun is conducive to effectiveness and productivity.

The article I’m linking to today has a few ideas around dealing with any dark or unfun downturns you might personally experience or encounter at work. It talks of “disconnection” and “feeling lonely without being lonely”. To what extent does this resonate with you and what can be done? Check it out.


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More ideas at http://gettingbetterbuyin.com/

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