Differentiate Yourself (Green Fields & Pastures New)

horse metaphor

WARNING: Horse-related business metaphor follows.

100m downhill & northwest of these two is heaps of grass. These two currently are nibbling in the same well-nibbled space.

If one of them just turned around.
If one of them explored alternatives.
If one of them didn’t just follow the other.

There are 2 acres of space they could inhabit, yet each chooses to exist right next to an undifferentiated direct competitor.

In fairness, they’re horses.

We and our businesses are not.

Make a decision to attempt new experiences. Some will challenge your current beliefs. You’ll see new opportunities and take new actions. You’ll improve your results. The accountability for taking that first decision is yours, at work and in life.

Learn more at https://lmac.co.nz/accountability/

About Terry Williams - The Brain-Based Boss

I'm all about engaging people and helping you engage yours to influence behaviour to improve results - at work and at home. Maybe you're a manager, a salesperson, a leader, a parent, a presenter or an event organiser? You need to grab your people's attention, create some rapport, be memorable and influence behaviour change. How can we do that? I'm originally a trainer by trade, turned manager, turned comedian and partway back again. Author of 'THE GUIDE: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know', I write and speak about how to engage people, be they employees, family or yourself. How can we connect with people’s own internal motivations and help them use their own inner passions to drive towards productivity, success and happiness? And hopefully have a few laughs along the way... As a trainer facilitating learning and development in others, I find myself drawing on my own extensive business experience. I specialise in the delivery of high impact, customised training solutions for organisations that are serious about improving the performance and lives of their people.

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