Interpreting & adapting to unexpected events (Making your own luck)

good luck

I was driving. Phone rang. Luckily a carpark magically appeared.

3 weeks ago, I’d answered a call. It was a request to run a personalised workshop, an unusal one, one I might not normally have taken on. No content. Nothing off the shelf. Just me & whatever was in my brain, alongside 2 biz owners with an idea & questions. What the heck, who knows, I’m curious, let’s do it.

That gig was Wednesday. It had been fun, interesting, well-received & seemed to help.

The call I took in the car was from the same person who’d booked me. Effusive praise, another booking, plus synergy opportunities that had never occurred to me. Hey, I’ll pretend not to care what people say about me as much as the next middle-aged dude but that was unexpected & cool, especially so given my respect for the booker’s opinion.

Lucky I took the call. A left message might’ve skimped on the kudos. Lucky I accepted the initial offer. Lucky that carpark magically appeared. To a large degree, we make our own luck.

Much of success comes from interpreting & adapting to unexpected events. “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

What do you DO to generate luck? How do you take control of interpreting the luck that falls in your lap?

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