Creativity: Repurposing existing ideas

When opinions differ i always refuse to agree to disagree 2

There’s an unprecedented use of the term ‘unprecedented’ to describe these times we’re in.

It would be cool if we could magic up some new ideas. I’ve been delivering a virtual presentations in recent months around re-purposing existing ideas. I delivered it yesterday and people found it useful. Kind of a kiwi number-8 wire vibe but with ideas not just physical resources. Think McGyver.

For example, a company whose business was providing partitions for events no longer has events. They now use those same partitions for retailers wanting to support the separation of staff and customers. Old idea + new application = neat.

However, we shouldn’t abandon efforts to come up with new ideas but a lot of people say of themselves, “Oh but I’m not creative”. Even creative people aren’t creative ALL THE TIME so they come up with mechanisms to generate creativity until the inspiration pixies get back from their break.

I recommend Edward DeBono’s book ‘Serious Creativity’. He basically skimmed the world of joke writers etc, then created academic models & processes to apply to production, marketing, etc. Force-fitting 2 unconnected concepts is one such technique (as illustrated in the joke pic above).

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