Complaints are the tip of an iceberg

I was running a workshop in a factory. They had a very effective set of processes, and overtly obvious team commitment, to health and safety. Many more workplaces do so these days, driven by genuine concern (backed up by significant potential regulatory consequences).

They also, like many workplaces, SAID they had a team commitment to quality. Many workplaces SAY this but it’s not overtly obvious in evidence. This factory however did more than SAY, they DID. If health and safety processes are the gold(ish) standard against which things that actually matter are measured, what they did was apply that same H&S template to their quality practices.

Everyone says H&S is “everyone’s responsibility” even if there is someone with a job title with H&S in it. Everyone should report a ‘near miss’ H&S event or risk. These folks have all that for quality issues. Pretty impressive. Why re-invent the wheel?

Many outfits seem to me to be where H&S was maybe 20 years ago – talking a good game. Take complaints. [Please 😉 ]. They’re an iceberg tip. Leaping onto them is fine, and you should, but what about the ‘near misses’ where the customer chooses option 1 below instead of doing your job for you and complaining?

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