About Me

Hi. I’m Terry Williams. I’m an expert and motivational speaker on engaging people and getting ‘change-fit’. My inner theme is ‘laugh & learn!’ You can sign up for a monthly email summarising my posts.

My previous books are ‘The Guide: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know’, ‘The Brain-Based Boss’, ‘Live Work Love: #Add10QualityYears’ and ‘Getting Better Buy-In’ These take psychological research and real-world case studies then presents the key findings back in a practical and engaging way.

I also do 2 dangerous things a year. The first of these was stand-up comedy and I’ve been a professional stand-up comedian for almost twenty years at festivals, conferences and on cruise ships.

More at www.2dangerousthingsayear.com

“Terry recently MC’d our HR Grow Conference in Gold Coast, AU, expertly guiding us through a packed 2-day agenda. He not only directed every session and managed every transition like the master he is, but he did so with great wit and enthusiasm. He made our learning fun! Terry is arguably the most dynamic, entertaining speaker with whom I have shared the podium. He has an uncanny ability to share expertise infused with humor, and our conference was a success in large part to his leadership. Terry has my greatest respect and highest recommendation!” – Prof Doug Waldo, Leading Dimensions Consulting, Florida

“I recently heard Terry give a keynote at the NSANZ 2019convention in Auckland. His unique brand of comedy and his engaging style of telling stories made him easy to listen to and very inspiring. Thanks Terry!” – Jayne Lowell, S&J Training Solutions, Canada

“Terry has recently facilitated/MC’d a day long conference of 100 leadership staff for me. The day was extremely successful due in large part to the way Terry carried out his role. He brought a unique blend of energy, humour, and focus utilising his skills as a public speaker and as a practicing comedian, and also his ability to think on his feet. This combination kept our team energised and engaged through the day and he capped it off with an excellent motivational talk that caused us all to reflect, in between the bouts of laughter. I can thoroughly recommend Terry for any event of this kind.” – Murray Bain, CEO TSB Bank

Zahrina March2019 Terry Williams Standing




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