Click here to buy 'The Brain-Based Boss' via FishpondThe Brain Based Boss

Buy ‘The Brain Based Boss’ via FishPond

‘The Brain-Based Boss: Adding Serious Value Through Employee Engagement. Five proven principles for leaders to attract, retain and motivate talent.

Are you a leader in the workplace? Guess what? You cannot motivate anyone. But you can create the conditions within which others motivate themselves. The tiniest change in circumstance can have big impacts on people’s behaviour.

People are different. There is no ‘one-right-way’ to lead people. How can you easily yet effectively tailor your approach with the people you lead at work to help them get the best out of themselves? ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ is a book of practical workplace-ready tools for leaders who have already tried the easy stuff that works with most people most of the time. Maybe you’re leading a particularly challenging person, team or project? Maybe you’re about to embark on a major change project and need to influence a lot of people? Maybe you’re experiencing unusual times and threats and need to attempt the big and different?

Actively engaged employees choose to do more than they have to. Unengaged employees only do what they have to. They show up. They’re ‘present.’ Disengaged employees are seeking work elsewhere, appropriating or even sabotaging resources and badmouth you to others. What percentage of employees on average do you think are in each category?

Engaged = 26%

Present = 46%

Disengaged = 28%

Ouch! But does it matter? A 15% increase in engagement correlates to a 2.2% increase in operating margins. Higher engagement means lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism, higher customer satisfaction, better safety records, higher quality and more efficient productivity, and less theft by staff. Yes it matters! A ten percent increase in engagement leads to an average increase in earnings of $NZ12130 per employee.

So, in your efforts to create the conditions supporting your team’s motivation and engagement, how can you develop yourself and those you lead to:

  • Exhibit greater self-discipline and perseverance, the top two factors that contribute to personal and professional success?
  • Maintain a growth-mindset rather than a fixed-mindset, leading to a greater openness to innovation, challenges and problem-solving?
  • Balance optimism with pragmatic pessimism to keep people enthused yet realistic?
  • Take a more effective approach to making decisions resulting in better long-term choices and less regrets?
  • Spend a greater proportion of their working day in the optimal productivity state of ‘Flow’?
  • Manage the physical environment to support your leadership when you can’t be there?
  • Deliver feedback in the most useful way that people are more willing to hear and act upon?
  • Challenge assumptions and prejudices to break down obstacles and objections to change in your workplace?
  • Influence the behaviour of others towards more positive long-term outcomes?


THE GUIDE: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know.

THE GUIDE: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know

THE GUIDE is overflowing with life skills for the young and young at heart. The comprehensive, well structured and practical advice is delivered in an entertaining and accessible style. It’s a resource to influence others without being a preachy and condescending jerk. A great gift for the young from the formerly young.


live work love Terry Williams kindle cover 150

12 tools to add 10 years. Our longevity, health and quality of life are due 30% to genetic luck and 70% to our choices and behaviours. We’re dealt some cards and this book is about how to play the best hand, given those cards we’ve been dealt. No one wants to live forever but most of us would like to get the most out of whatever we’ve got coming. The vast majority of us would like to keep on going until we don’t, not taper off to a long unhealthy tail of life. Regardless of how long we have, how do we stay healthier longer, optimise our happiness and productivity, and make it all worthwhile? 

The twelve controls cover the three domains of the physical, mental and social: 
* Move 
* Eat 
* Sleep 
* Think 
* Learn 
* Challenge 
* Connect 
* Believe 
* Hang 
* Chill 
* Care 
* Touch 

A toolbox, not an instruction manual, reviewing, critiquing, condensing and applying much of the research on longevity, personal productivity and happiness in one accessible read. Buy…



Stop Start Continue: Thinking Creatively & Provocatively About The Past, Present & Future Of Workplaces [Kindle Edition]

cover stop start continue

Looking creatively at everyday HR workplace topics, author and employeement engagement expert Terry Williams provokes and challenges thinking. Workplace culture, remuneration, retirement, recruitment, saving schemes, communication and conflict are all examined. New concepts are tested, cheered and occasionally derided. Executive leasing, corporate wellness, psychometric assessments, social media, team building, change and the physical environment are all examined through a critical but always positive lens. It’s not a long book or a deep book. It is quirky and out-of-the-box. A regular columnist in New Zealand’s ‘Employment Today’ magazine and a sought-after business speaker, Williams entertains as well as educates and stimulates.

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