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How to Get Feedback When You’re the Boss

Boss Feedback

If only giving feedback to your boss was as simple and easy as giving feedback to a YouTube clip.

This article lays out a few principles for workplace leaders to get feedback from those they lead with a view to improving their own performance. The whole point of feedback is to improve performance. Without feedback (from whatever sources) it is almost impossible to improve or even know how well (or badly) you are currently doing compared to whatever your performance measures are.

Any leader who is not after, or open to, feedback must think themselves to be operating at their optimum level. That’s sad.

Of the article’s principles, the two most important in my opinion are:

  1. Ask for it
  2. Act on it

Even if the act is to say, “Thanks but for insert valid and non-defensive reason, I’m not actually going to act on it.”

The leader’s behaviour when it comes to feedback for themselves and for everyone generally is one of the main drivers of a workplace’s culture. Is it Blamesville or is it Learning Town?

(Note – these aren’t actual places. Although Blamesville would be a great place to base a country music song.)

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