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Employee Happiness? Who Cares?

VillaincI’m not suggesting that employees should be made to be miserable. Ultimately, that’s up to all of us individually. The point I’ve been trying to make for ages and this recent article captures nicely is that employee happiness and employee engagement are quite separate and different things. If you want to gift chocolate fish and back rubs (no non-consensual touching!) that’s up to you and your spare time and resources. Happy employees can be unproductive and unhappy ones can be productive. Engagement is about the observable application of discretionary effort at work that on average leads to greater productivity, revenue and profitability. Who knows how happy people are? (Including themselves.)

Here’s an extract. Note that happiness is cited as one of many components of engagement, so it’s not all doom and gloom. I don’t think they’re in order so don’t get excited that happiness is “number 1.” The article talks about a dashboard which also is an interesting idea. It’s all about trending.

Here are the 10 metrics that are proven to have the biggest impact on employee engagement:

  1. Happiness

    How happy are employees at work and at home?

  2. Wellness

    How much energy do employees have at work?

  3. Feedback

    Are employees getting feedback frequently enough?

  4. Recognition

    Are employees being recognized for their hard work?

  5. Career Satisfaction

    Are employees satisfied with their work environment?

  6. Relationships with Managers

    Do employees and their managers get along well?

  7. Relationships with Colleagues

    Do the employees get along with each other?

  8. Company Alignment

    Do employees’ values align with the company values?

  9. Ambassadorship

    Are employees proud of where they work?

  10. Personal Growth

    Do employees have opportunities for career growth?


The Dollars And Sense Of Employee Engagement Infographic

This is somebody’s advert so watch for that at the bottom but I do like infographics, although this is rather chunky. I don’t agree with all of it but it’s bright and shiny and it’s Christmas. I definitely agree with their distinction between happiness / morale and engagement. Those are good points well made. Click the image for the source. Have a great break if you’re having one. Have a great break even if you’re not having one. Have a happy / merry whatever you think it is and don’t limit yourself to that emotional state to this time of year. Look both ways before you cross the street. Wait an hour after eating before swimming. Close the door, were you born in a barn? And other wise pieces of advice. (Seriously, look both ways, even on one-way streets.)


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