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Comedy Festival – The Hyper Super Mega Ulitimate Show

Terry Photography by Kate Little -6061

I haven’t posted a blog for a while. Been busy. In the training and speaking games, January’s summer means a bit of a lull in face-to-face client activity so, for me, I invest much of the month in writing. My books, whilst constantly researched, have usually come into physical existence thanks to the magic of days with fewer interruptions and the biggest clump of those are in January.  This month though, I haven’t been writing accessible business books, I’ve been drafting a one-hour solo show for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in Auckland in May. I’ve done solo shows before but they’ve generally been compilations of the previous year’s best bits. With my ‘grown-up’ / ‘day-job’/ ‘real-work’ being so successful last year, I didn’t write and perform much new comedy so, this time, my show has been written from the ground up. This is one of my two dangerous’ things a year for 2015.

‘The Hyper Super Mega Ultimate Show’ is my first since 2013’s ‘The Grin Reaper.’ I’m currently talking with a charity about making my opening two nights fundraisers for a couple of their causes.

Stay healthy. Go be active. Remember, sweat is just fat crying.

Live Work Love: #Add10QualityYears


As you’re about to plough into Christmas meals, followed by New Year’s resolutions, my latest book presents lots of ideas on reasonable things to do to improve the quantity and quality of your health, wealth and happiness, in a non-preachy way. If you want a Christmas pudding that is dairy-free, fat-free, gluten-free and low-sugar, may I suggest a box of raisins? (Actually, raisins are quite high sugar and lack the other things that a non-dried piece of whole fruit would have to off-set that sugar’s impact.)

Paperback edition

Kindle edition

It’s too late for a Christmas present, unless you can handle that whole kindle-gifting thing, but it might just be the thing for friends and family in the aftermath…

Government Employee Engagement


I’ve been hesitant to write specifically about Government employee engagement and not just because it’s an obvious joke that the phrase itself is an oxymoron. (My favourite oxymoron is when a certain New Zealand political party included a drug policy in its manifesto  labelled ‘Marijuana Initiative.’) But once I found this article with the photo above, I just had to post about it, if only for the combination of the photo and the headline. I haven’t even read the article yet!

The surveys do declare that on average Government employees are significantly less engaged than non-Government employees.  The article does make a great list of reasons why. It doesn’t tackle at all how to address it. I’d give it some thought myself but I’m pretty sure Government departments would be slammed by the media and general public if they spent any time or money addressing it, so they’re unlikely to reimburse me for my time and efforts. It’s not a catch 22 but it is a something – damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I’m now on the look-out for info on that public authority somewhere on earth that has a highly engaged workforce and shatters all the stereotypes. It’ll probably be in Iceland or Finland. I hate those happy, successful, innovative places so much. No wait, not hate, respect, curiousity. I always get those mixed up.

What I don’t get from the photo above though – who is the Government employee, the sheepdog or the sheep? Because if it’s the sheepdog, who are the sheep? (Clue – it’s us.)

And why do I keep spelling Government with a capital G?


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